shine, for your light has come,
and the glory of the


has risen upon you

Isaiah 60:1

With an average monthly wage of $180, Tanzania is a POVERTY-STRICKEN country with a dream to change the future.

Tanzania has placed a strong emphasis on education and believes it is the key to fighting poverty.

The Why
The Impact

Traditionally, pre- and primary schools are taught in swahili and have an average classroom size of 80 students.

secondary schools are only taught in English which limits the NUMBER of students who can further their education.

 Angaza Christian schools of tanzania offers faith-based learning taught in english, allowing the opportunity for a child to continue their education.

Students also have access to food, clothes, and an education that will IMPACT THEIR COMMUNITY and bring forth a BRIGHTER TOMORROW.

The Future

Join the mission

Your heart may be pulled to give to the necessary survival elements such as drilling a well for another water source or help fund another campus that will eventually support an additional 400 students. We ask you partner alongside us by clicking the link below and investing in the future of Tanzania.